The Shot Gun Law Enforcement Motorcyle Club was founded in Anno Domini MMXV, in Italy, by the will of the founder “Big Joe”.

The Shot Gun Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club was brought from Italy to the United States of America in 2018 with the first chapter opening in the city of Chicago Illinois.

 Shot Gun LE MC is a non-profit organization, which is composed of men who are either active, on duty, or retired Law Enforcement, Military (Active or vetran), Fire Fighter, EMS, or first responder, who all share a passion for customized motorcycles (preferably Harley Davidson).

 Shot Gun LE MC began to share values of “brotherhood and fraternity”, together with the enthusiasm and passion for the guidance of our roaring “iron horses”, in full respect of all moral and legal values.

 We do not discriminate against anyone for ethnicity, religion or gender.

 We embrace three simple and fundamental principles: dedication to family, work and the Club.

 Shot Gun LE MC does not strive to look for a Quantity of members, as we strive to seek members of Quality, who can show their true traits of a brother in their everyday life, in their profession….and most importantly in the Club !!!

 Furthermore, in respect to the experience accumulated over the years and through the errors experienced for the INFAMY OF OTHERS ( AD IMO PECTORE ), the participation in our Club is earned with trust, loyalty and above all with dedication of time!

 Our concept of “brotherhood” goes beyond a blood relationship!

 Shot Gun LE MC does not give away patches, does not give discounts, and especially does not make profit from the flesh of its members.

 We are not a community of 1%ers, nor are we territorial while wearing the bottom rocker, for nationalism and our “colors” are specifically the nature of our Motorcycle Club.

 The LE represented on our kutte (vest) stands for “Law Enforcement”.

 We do not seek conflict, nor do we interfere with other clubs, because as we respect the freedom of all.

 … and if you do not agree with our clubs’ philosophy , please continue on your way!